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Topless Waiters Sydney

Male Topless Waiters Sydney

Welcome to Aus Topless Waiters Sydney, we supply a collection a great looking guys who are down to earth and know how to have a good time. If you are helping to organise a Hens party in Sydney and need a little help running the night.

Why not improve the atmosphere, with a bit of tasteful eye candy?
Why not let the topless waiters break the ice in the room, get everybody laughing and enjoying the party?

Your waiter will serve food, drinks and help play party games with everyone.

There's no need to stress if you're worried about a few of the guests not being involved in everything, the waiter will kindly help encourage any shy members of the group to be involved in hens games and have fun as a group.

Do you want to hire completely fit and tempestuous male topless waiters in the City of Australia, available right now for hire.
Our male topless waiters are uppermost performers of the industry and they enjoy showing uncovered flesh. You're assured to have an extra special hen's night out in Sydney. Our topless waiters Sydney are perfect professionals, fully prepared, energetic, highly appealing, fascinating and inspiring individuals, who will have all the inevitable skills required of a butler or topless waiter, but with a synchronous and cheeky twist!

Hire Male Topless Waiters in Sydney:-

Your waiter or waiters will be more than happy to help with any activities they can, just simply let them know how you would like the event to run and mention any ways they can be of help.

A topless waiter in Sydney will wear long black pants, a black and white bow tie and white wrist cuffs.

The event might not be a hens night in Sydney, it can also be an 18th birthday, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th or a 60th birthday; a school formal entrance, Christmas party or any other excuse you can think of to hire a topless waiter in Sydney.

Topless waiter hire in Sydney has never been so easy, with a quick email or phone call, we will organise the waiter for your selected date and time as quickly as possible. We have recently implemented new software to help manage availability and bookings, meaning that the booking is processed quickly and smoothly, with confirmations being sent straight to your email inbox within a very short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Austopless Waiters

Question 1 : How long does the topless waiters performance last?

A performance is usually around 20-25 minutes in time depending on the stripper. The turbulent the cheering the longer the performance. So, be confident to have show your appreciation! You can also for hire longer performance if you like to have versatile strips and outfits.

Question 2 : Do you have any more portfolio of the stripper?

The only images and portfolio we currently have available are on the site. If you like to have more picture call us and provide your email id and we will email you.

Question 3 : What do the strippers do and what really is involved?

Each performance is offbeat and it honestly depends on what you desire, you will have the opportunity to talk to the performer on the heydey and make any specific demands. Contact with the stripper is down to the unique stripper included although the recipient of the act is wagered a kiss at the end of the show. Some thrashing or even trounced cream can be included as part of the play.

Question 4 : Can we take few pictures of Topless waiters?

Unconditionally they don’t just do this only for the money. If you feel, you will realise that inside every stripper is a born performer who loves the attention. We would love you to have some pictures of stripper and send them to us too.

Question 5 : What about Cancellation and return of deposit of charges ?

You can cancel our service and we will return your deposit in full but you should have some valid reasons, if you cancel within 7 days of the booking date. Please remember that strippers are our paid performers and if you hire for time slot then that time is no longer available to other clients, who like to hire us. Your late cancellations can intend that our entertainers abstain out on other tasks.

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